Coaching Options


Sometimes life presents a challenge that is too difficult for any human being to handle alone. Without the proper expertise, trying to resolve these kinds of issues alone will take much more time than working with a professional. Therefore, how long we suffer is optional; our problems are resolved quicker with the help of an expert. This package is for those that would like to drastically improve how they're feeling and get back to being productive in 5 sessions or less. 


  • Relationships 

  • Depression

  • Parenting

  • Other Crises

Coaching structure:

  • 1st Session: 1.5 hour

  • Subsequent Sessions: 50 minutes each


We'll help you analyze your life holistically and you tell us which areas you'd like to further developed. We will then share various options with you, and together we will design your coaching plan. 


  • Learn how to increase your level of energy

  • Advance self-discovery techniques

  • Build healthier relationship with yourself 

  • Meditation

  • The art of self-love

  • The process of self-motivation


Designed for leaders that truly accept the responsibilities and challenges of their position. These individuals are in constant quests to not only discover more about themselves, but also the people with whom they work. They are always intrinsically fascinated by the art and science of how to inspire those that work with them.


  • Psychology of group behavior (Group Dynamics)

  • Learn how to inspire people

  • How to increase your level of creativity

  • Work/Life Balance

    • How to enjoy life while being successful at work​

    • How to improve important relationships

  • Develop greater self-confidence

  • How to assess for personality disorders 

  • How to deal with difficult individuals

  • Advance stress management techniques

No matter how it may seem to anyone else,

we're doing the best we can with what we have...

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