Dr. Gina Yu


I battled with anxiety much of my life because of the stress and pressures of having to fulfill high expectations that were both culturally and self-imposed. Dr. Sam helped me tremendously with alleviating much of my anxiety through modeling and practicing self-compassion, self-acceptance, self-care, and self-examination. He helped me to start seeing myself and others differently, with acceptance and unconditional love. Dr. Sam helped me to bridge the gap between theory and practice; even in the doctoral program, so much emphasis is focused on theory and very little on their practical application. He provided guidance on dieting, exercising and meditation practices that improved my health and sense of well-being. After each meeting with Dr. Sam, I felt rejuvenated and re-energized because I felt deeply valued and understood by him. My sister even commented on how my skin seemed healthier and more radiant. I believe it was the internal work that I was doing with Sam that was beginning to yield its fruits physically as well as mentally and emotionally. Most importantly, my relationships with family and friends were changing drastically as I was cutting out unhealthy relationships and investing more time and energy into those relationships that were more mutually satisfying, nurturing and nourishing.



Lastly, I have appreciated Dr. Sam’s work with me in the area of leadership development. I appreciate that he focuses on fostering characteristics such as humility, compassion and serving others. I particularly appreciate Dr. Sam’s authenticity in the way he deals with any situation with openness and commitment to learning. I feel fortunate for having met Dr. Sam and will always be grateful for all that he has taught me.


Dr. Gina Yu

Clinical Psychologist


There are no words that I can use to properly convey the magnitude and degree that Dr. Sam has affected my life. 


Nonetheless, I will do my best to convey to the world what this humble man has provided me.  Dr. Sam is one of only three true men I have known in my life, joining my Maternal Grandfather and Father.  Those two men gave me the foundation for my life.  Dr. Sam took that foundation and developed me into a man that now others look to and respect, not for what I have accomplished, which is a lot, but for who I am, which is far more important.

For, at the end of your life and when you are gone, you and others will look back on who you were and the relationships you had, not on what status you achieved or the temporal wealth you accumulated.  In short, what Dr. Sam has given me is a deeper experience of life, such that I am able to transcend the temporal desires and gain truly long lasting happiness, balance and peace. 

Jell Palm

My centeredness permeates all aspects of my life and touches everyone I interact with.  Moreover, I recognize that had I not sought the assistance of Dr. Sam, my marriage would have failed and the relationships with my children would be fractured.  I am not even sure if I would be alive.  Looking back, I am not even sure if I was alive before.  All I know is that without my wife and children I would be completely empty and that would be like being dead.  It is with this knowledge that I am so deeply and eternally grateful for having found Dr. Sam to guide me, enlighten me and save me. 


Thank you, Dr. Sam!  You are the best coach anyone could ever hope to find.  I am forever indebted to you and owe you everything. 


- Jeff Palm

I will always be grateful to Dr. Sam for the difference he has made in my life. When I first met him, he was a co-worker at an inpatient psychiatric hospital in Southern California. I was struck by his gentle and kind, yet strong and confident presence about him. Dr. Sam was very popular among the patients and I could see why. They felt respected, validated, heard, understood, seen, and recognized by him…just as he had made me feel when I was around him. As a doctoral student at a religiously affiliated, psychodynamically-oriented school, I had learned a lot of theory about how people heal and change primarily through relationships (i.e., attunement, empathy and compassion), but Dr. Sam was the first person that I had met who actually embodied much of what I had read and learned about in books and lectures. He applies and models the concepts he taught, which separated him from so many others.  So when you are with him, you feel motivated, respected and cared for. He quickly became my friend and mentor. It was through this relationship with Dr. Sam that I received a lot of healing in my own life, both personally and professionally.


My journey working with Dr. Sam has been a truly enlightening and educational experience. There were areas of my life I had been struggling with for a long time to deal with. A good friend of mine had recommended Dr. Sam and his expertise in relationship and life coaching.




If you would have asked me two months ago if I thought my three year marriage would last, I would have said no. If you asked me if I cared if the relationship survived, again I would have said no. Today, my answers are all yes, and this is thanks to the amazing help from Dr. R. Sam Tiv.


Dr. Sam is such an amazing coach. Before My Husband and I met the talented and gifted Dr. Sam, we were arguing at least once a week. Our arguments consisted of physical, verbal and emotional abuses. Karim and I had many underlying issues and there was no moving forward…  we thought.


From the beginning of my relationship, things were done in ways that were damaging. After my husband and I got eloped, my family didn’t trust him and there was no respect nor passionate love in the relationship. As the relationship progressed, the issues continued to grow and grow. Looking back at it now, we never understood or tried to fix any issues so everything just kept piling up. When we were good , we were good. However, when one of us got upset, all the unresolved anger and issues unraveled. This led us to a point where my mom was involved and the stress was passed on to her. This wasn’t a healthy or loving environment. Either we move on and give up or we stay and rebuild our relationship. We decided to stay and fight for our relationship.



I wasn’t quite sure what to expect at first but his approach and process to coaching was so much more than just talking and listening. Each session we had together I could feel myself getting stronger and building more confidence to make better life decisions.

Dr. Karim & Amnah Ahmad

These life lessons and all of the tips & techniques have been incredibly valuable to building better relationships with people in my life and with myself. He has instilled a renewed energy and passion for seeking out happiness in all that I do. I am so grateful for all he has helped me achieve and so very glad to have been recommended to him.


~Julie / Age 36 / Interactive Designer

Though we lacked great communication, trust, patience, respect and teamwork… Dr. Sam inspired and motivated us to communicate with one another in a loving way.  He taught us how to show each other respect and appreciation and to know when to be a leader and the best person we can be. His techniques are great but what is truly amazing working with him is that he made us felt so motivated and inspired and full of energy; that was required because the issues that we were facing were tremendous.


If you would have met Karim and I before we met with Dr. Sam, no way in hell would you believe we would be this strong as a couple. In my eyes, my relationship now is better than most if not all people I know.

Thanks to Dr. Sam, Karim and we have learned what hurts one another, how to appreciate and show appreciation for each other, healed all issues we had in the past, respect and love one another, and make each other only want to become better.


Dr. Sam is a healer. He opened my eyes to want to be better and understand that no one is perfect, no one was born to understand their partner… but that marriage is a teamwork and to never forget the good things about one another. He saved my relationship and I am forever indebted to him.  Thank you Dr. Sam! 

I first met Dr. Sam as my teacher in college where I took two Psychology courses with him. I loved his classes and his approach to teaching and interacting with his students. I also gained a lot of respect for him once I found out how wonderful it is to interact with him as an individual, so I decided to work with him as my life and relationship coach.


Thank you, Dr. Sam, for believing in me and modeling to me acceptance, kindness, empathy, and patience.


You've helped me learn to not only observe my feelings as they come but also to offer compassion to myself and in the process, have compassion for those around me. All my relationships have improved, from the relationship with myself to my friends, family, and significant other. I've learned to communicate my needs and my fears. I'm learning what I'm worth, what I'm willing to negotiate on and what I'm not willing to give up. I've also learned to listen more, which then helped me see things from others' perspective and feel less fragile when things don't go as I expect or want them to go. 



Dr. Zohreh Sadeghi

I've been working with him for a few months now, and I can confidently say I am a better human being. My life has improved so much with Dr. Sam's guidance. I find myself being happy and positive more often than before and I am a more motivated individual in general. He's one of the most compassionate, loving, knowledgeable, and caring people I've ever had the honor of meeting. His wisdom is endless, and he lives to heal people.

From the past year of working with you, I have come to see and appreciate more of what I have. I've taken the time to get to know myself and, with your encouragement, have learned more of what is important to me and what gives me positive energy. 


I want less of what isn't important to me and am investing in more energy to achieve what is important to me. Thus, I feel I am more equipped to create circumstances that make me happy. I am choosing to live and love more actively.

Hai Minh

Dr. Sam is not a businessman who gives priority to money or fame. He's a true healer, one that wants to change the world by changing one person's life at a time. I have the utmost respect and love for him in my heart and have recommended him to my closest friends. I am forever thankful for Dr. Sam's guidance and love throughout this journey of life, and I cannot wait to learn more from him and grow more as a person.

Thank you for helping me build the confidence to live my life and to give myself permission to be who I am instead of trying to be someone I am not. 




Hai Minh 

Dr. Sam is a most wonderful life coach. 


Wanting a way to break free from my abusive relationships, I turned to him for help.  Dr. Sam not only taught me tools that were beneficial for my love relationships, but he also gave me tips and tools that were helpful for all types of relationships; I became more effective relating to my coworkers, colleagues, friends and family members. 


Dr. Amber L. Goshorn

My self-esteem increased and it had a positive effect on how I relate to others.  Dr. Sam inspired and motivated me to want to apply his teaching.  He really understood my beliefs and accepted them and was able to teach me in a way that complimented them, making me feel completely comfortable with the changes I was making.

I would recommend Dr. Sam for all of your life coaching and relationship needs, for he is truly life changing! Thank you, Dr. Sam, for changing my life.

Working with Dr. R. Sam Tiv has been life changing.


He has been remarkably supportive, gentle and compassionate, yet skillfully adept at helping me focus on what is really important to me, what stands in my way and what next steps I want and need to take to accomplish my goals.


Dr. Sam is a great listener. I really feel heard, and that has been key to my trusting the coaching process. He has innovative and ground breaking ideas that I've found eye-opening, simple and practical. He helped me identify places where I was stuck and helped me realize the simple steps I could take to break old patterns.  His techniques for recharging my energy were simple and powerful tools that I use to this day.  He taught me how to develop realistic expectations.  This alone has been an invaluable tool in working with others. 

Linda Capetillo-Cunliffe

In addition, it's been a great help with how I perceive and judge myself.  It's also amazing how making some simple shifts in behavior have made such a big difference in how I feel about myself and how much more satisfied I am with the direction my life is taking.  Thank you, Dr. Sam.

Dr Sam is one of the most amazing people I know in my life and I am so grateful of all the guidance he has given me in the past.


He has taught me so much about myself and made me realize how important it is to appreciate all the little victories. He has helped through a very confusing time of my life and I feel truly so blessed.


The future is a big mystery and I'm sure I will encounter more rocky roads but I know for a fact that everything will be just fine with him by my side.

Vania Wang

Thank you, Dr. Sam, for your support, advice and encouragement.  I'm deeply grateful.



Website Designer

I participated in Dr. Sam's Maximizing Happiness program. I cannot overstate the tremendous impact the program has had on my life.


Dr. Sam tailored his teachings to the real-time issues that I was facing. Such a tailored program has helped me and continues to help me develop meaningful and healthy relationships, face my career challenges honestly and effectively, and improve my self-awareness and stress management skills.



Lester Ang, JD

Dr. Sam creates a positive and judgement-free environment with his warm personality. His program is so effective because he lives and breathes the values and ideas that he teaches.

I continue applying Dr. Sam's teachings to my daily life. I am so grateful for Dr. Sam and highly recommend his program to anyone looking to improve their quality of life.


Lester Ang


Life doesn't give us any easy lesson. I didn't learnt the lessons that life taught me the first few times, so I had to repeat the same mistakes over and over again until I meet Dr. Sam, who have guided me to benefit from every mistake I made, and therefore, personally grew from all of my experiences.


Dr. Sam's warmth and nonjudgmental approach made me feel at ease talking about my personal issues.  He has conditioned me to think positively about certain situations. With his advanced motivation skills, humility and enthusiasm, he has inspired me to challenge myself to become more self-developed.



I have been so fortunate to know Dr. Sam.  I began as his life-coaching client, and was eventually accepted to be one of his students to learn more about self-development, leadership, relationship, counseling, and parenting skills. The knowledge and techniques that I had learned were immediately applicable, and with the immediate supervision and feedback from Dr. Sam, I was able to see positive results in my life within a couple of months. 



I don’t normally write reviews, but I need to share this publicly because I want other people to have hope and get help from Dr. Sam.  Since my therapy sessions have started with Dr. Sam, my self-esteem has gotten stronger, I am making more money in my career and I am no longer afraid of my anxiety/depression. I have a deeper understanding of why I suffer from depression and how I can deal with my issues instead of just trying to sleep them away. I feel more like my real self every day and I thank Dr. Sam for that. 


Dr. Theavy Hong

After working with him, my relationships have incredibly improved over a short period of time.  I'm really amazed by this accomplishment.  I start to see the value of great relationships, and how much it factors into my happiness.  


My self-confidence and self-love have increased and my mind is at peace, realizing that I am capable of making the results I long for.



Rachana Bun

My motivation increased as I saw everything that I applied worked.  I'm having a happier and more meaningful life, which no amount of money can buy. In addition, as I progress in his program, I have been learning how to raise my precious child to be an independent, cheerful, creative, and considerate person. Dr. Sam taught me about the stages of child development and I applied that knowledge to how I interact with my child.  She is only 3 years old but is very emotional advanced.  My relationship with her is so much more rewarding now.  This is priceless for me as a mum as I am learning how to give the greatest gift to my child: unconditional love.


Gina Lee

I feel very blessed to come across such a great teacher as him who has positively influenced my life. (^_^)


If you want to improve your relationship and communication skills, I would say he is the best teacher you can ever find.


Theavy Hong, PhD 




Dr. Sam's expertise, professionalism, respect and understanding, and the aim to see happiness blossom in each of his clients make him a very rare, special mentor and life coach.


I cannot thank him enough for changing my life.



Every time I meet with Dr. Sam, I discover something new that helps me live a better life. I have been to other therapists from San Diego to LA, and I have never met another professional like Dr. Sam. I learn more in 1 hour with him than I have ever learned during 3-4 sessions with other therapists. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for hope, relief, guidance and self-discovery. 

This review is long overdue but I owe Dr. Sam immensely for his support, encouragement and guidance in my life. I don't give out recommendations or endorsements generally unless it's absolutely well deserved and my word is certain. Just within one meeting with him I felt like a completely new individual, so empowered and at ease, and in a completely positive, different state of mind. And I just saw things in a whole new way, and took on things in much different ways as well. Dr. Sam has so much to offer, just by being an clinical psychologist for starters in a field that is dubiously difficult to find someone legit. But he was so much more than a psychologist or coach in that he was always straightforward, solution oriented, practical and really involved in his approach, committed to addressing real issues going on in my life and giving me his full attention and made me felt so understood. I was extremely appreciative he took me on, and was worth it for sure.


Shawn C.

I just never thought it was possible for anyone to truly understand me and everything that was going on in my life. I’m still in awe of how he was able to help and work with me, like on the really big issues like finding my life direction, purpose and figuring out who I was, getting out of my negative habits and ruts I felt stuck in. And each time we met it felt like he helped me gain further clarity into how I worked, developed fortitude to understand and deal with the world around me. And more so to work with who I was as an individual and really invest my time wisely to become the person I wanted to be. And was the catalyst I needed to focus on personal growth in certain areas to achieve the changes I wanted.


It’s hard to explain how he works and helps but for me I just felt overwhelming compassion and unconditional love; he’s so inspiring! His passion and energy was noticeable through the whole process. And all our meetings and sessions were well worth the expense and effort easily. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a life coach or counseling or career advice or just general help, as he does it all and gets to the heart of the issue, however complex and difficult it may seem. Thank you so much Dr. Sam, you made a huge difference and are the best definitely. I look forward to continue working together, building upon our progress and becoming my best self.

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